Seata Team

This page shows Seata developers and continues to expand. The list is not prioritized.

Seata Committer List

name github company
Min Ji slievrly Alibabba
Haiqiang Shen sharajava Alibabba
Qipeng Li wlliqipeng Alibabba
Liandong Chen purple-force Alibabba
Sen Zhang zhangthen Antfin
Geng Zhang ujjboy Antfin
Zhiyuan Lei leizhiyuan Antfin
Qing Wang jovany-wang Antfin
Jiangke Wu xingfudeshi Truthai
Zhao Li CoffeeLatte007 YuanFuDao
Xin Wang lovepoem WeiDian
Guoyao Yuan github-ygy Tuya
Xu Zhang zhangxu19830126 InfiniVision
Shuaipeng Ren niaoshuai HuanQiuYouLu
Deyou Xu skyesx WeBank
Jinlei Zhuang zjinlei Helios
Jiawei Zhang l81893521 Locals
Zhengtao Zhong jsbxyyx Shenzhen arts
Long Chen long187 Antfin
Yunsong Guo ggndnn FND
Jianbin Chen a364176773 TongDun
Liang Wang wangliang181230 HuiKang
Huadong Cao caohdgege BEIKE
Zhongxiang Wang lightClouds917 TongDun
XiaoMin Liu dk-lockdown cestc
Chenghui Zhang objcoding Ant Group

Seata Developer Roles

Seata developers include three roles: Maintainer, Committer, and Contributor. The standard definitions for each role are as follows.


Maintainer is an individual who has made a significant contribution to the evolution and development of the Seata project, including projects under the seata group. Specifically includes the following criteria:

  • Completing the design and development of multiple key modules or projects, is an core developer of the project.
  • Continuous investment and passion, can actively participate in the maintenance of related matters such as community, official website, issue, PR, etc.
  • Has a visible influence in the community and is able to represent Seata in important community meetings and events.
  • Have the consciousness and ability to cultivate Committer and Contributor.


Committer is an individual with write access to the Seata repository and includes the following criteria:

  • An individual who can contribute to the issue and PR continuously for a long time.
  • Participate in the maintenance of the issue list and discussion of important features.
  • Participate in code review.


Contributor is an individual who contributes to the Seata project. The standard is:

  • Submitted a PR that is merged.