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Seata Developers Team

This page shows Seata developers and continues to expand. The list is not prioritized.

Seata Maintainer List

Min JislievrlyAlibaba
Jianbin Chenfunky-eyesTongDun

Seata Committer List

Haiqiang ShensharajavaAlibaba
Rong LiurobynronAlibaba
Liandong Chenpurple-forceAlibaba
Sen ZhangzhangthenAntfin
Geng ZhangujjboyAntfin
Zhiyuan LeileizhiyuanTencent
Qing Wangjovany-wangBaidu
Jiangke WuxingfudeshiTruthai
Zhao LiCoffeeLatte007YuanFuDao
Xin WanglovepoemJD
Guoyao Yuangithub-ygyNetEase
Xu Zhangzhangxu19830126InfiniVision
Shuaipeng RenniaoshuaiHuanQiuYouLu
Deyou XuskyesxAlibaba
Jinlei ZhuangzjinleiHelios
Jiawei Zhangl81893521DaShenLin
Zhengtao ZhongjsbxyyxShenzhen arts
Long Chenlong187Unknown
Yunsong GuoggndnnFND
Liang Wangwangliang181230HuiKang
Huadong CaocaohdgegeBEIKE
Zhongxiang WanglightClouds917TongDun
XiaoMin Liudk-lockdowncestc
Chenghui ZhangobjcodingAnt Group
Liangyu Renrenliangyu857XW Bank

Seata Developer Roles

Seata developers include three roles: Maintainer, Committer, and Contributor. The standard definitions for each role are as follows.


Maintainer is an individual who has made a significant contribution to the evolution and development of the Seata project, including projects under the seata group. Specifically includes the following criteria:

  • Completing the design and development of multiple key modules or projects, is an core developer of the project.
  • Continuous investment and passion, can actively participate in the maintenance of related matters such as community, official website, issue, PR, etc.
  • Has a visible influence in the community and is able to represent Seata in important community meetings and events.
  • Have the consciousness and ability to cultivate Committer and Contributor.


Committer is an individual with write access to the Seata repository and includes the following criteria:

  • An individual who can contribute to the issue and PR continuously for a long time.
  • Participate in the maintenance of the issue list and discussion of important features.
  • Participate in code review.


Contributor is an individual who contributes to the Seata project. The standard is:

  • Submitted a PR that is merged.

Contributions Guide

Contributor Guide

Committer Guide